Data Governance Strategy

“In the digital economy, data is the lifeline for businesses”

At Prospecta we believe that your business strategy has to be linked to your data strategy. Prospecta data strategy consulting helps organizations to identify strategic business opportunities and create a foundation for their digital data platform.

Our goal is to build a data strategy that is fit for purpose and provides organizations with a data roadmap and blueprint to design a modern data platform. The end goal is for businesses to be able to govern data, transform, adapt and scale as businesses continue to be disrupted and the business models rapidly change and evolve.

Data Cleansing, Standardization & Enrichment

“As the organisations collect and consume more data every day, there is an increased dependence on the quality of data to derive business value”

Prospecta provides a 360 degree assessment of the data quality of your key data assets. We offer services to standardize and cleanse your data, put workplans to baseline the quality of your data. We have data quality solutions for data quality maintenance, correction and ongoing monitoring of your data.

Data Migration

Prospecta provides end to end data migration services that includes strategy, analysis, delivery management, and migration. We have successfully implemented complex data transformation projects requiring data migration from complex legacy and ERP systems to SAP S/4HANA. Our data migration services include: (1) Data strategy, (2) Data migration implementation and (3) Data reconciliation and verification.

MDO Transformation and Migration runs on the SAP Cloud Platform and has strong integration capabilities for both SAP and Non-SAP environments. SAP Data Services comes as part of our OEM partnership with SAP or we can use your existing Data Services environment and connect the MDO adapters for customers who already have a Data Services license.

Additional Support Services

Prospecta offers additional functional and technical services to support Break Fixes i.e. configuration and business rules customized during the project for the customer. This includes fixes on configuration (layouts and workflows) and custom validations.

It also covers Business as Usual Changes such as Addition or Changing of Fields, Adding New Workflow Steps or Changing Existing Steps, Minor Changes including changing role assignment etc., Changing Existing Layouts, Adding New Users to Roles, Support in Workflow Administration, Changing Current Dashboards and adding/removing Widgets, Integration Fixing and Troubleshooting.