Data accuracy, data reliability and data governance on your equipment inventory are more critical than ever. With MDO Spare Parts App for AIN, you can now trigger materials creation in your ERP. It is as simple as selecting the Spare Part you want in your ERP system and pressing GO!

Using SAP AIN for Spares

If you are using SAP AIN with your ERP environment, you can use the MDO Spare Parts app to manage the creation of spares in your ERP (S/4HANA or ECC). Then leave the data governance and enrichment with MDO.

Why choose SAP AIN MDO Spare Parts

Ensure the spare parts you need:

The AIN network helps Operators and their partners be more efficient by sharing model information, including details of the spare parts. Automation of the creation of the spare parts in your ERP allows better planning of spare parts and ensures maintenance have the spares they need.

Eliminate paper-based handover and re-work for your spares:

The SAP AIN Network also helps to keep your version control of important data in control by avoiding paper-based handovers and re-works of your spares.

Seamlessly search and locate the model and its spare parts:

Use the MDO Spare Parts app to search for a model and its spare parts. See the number of assets that you have for the model to help identify what models are most relevant. You can now select only those spare parts you need in the ERP. You can have visibility over what has already been requested/created in ERP to avoid double-ups.