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People are a company’s most important asset. Therefore, data migration of Human Capital Management (HCM) shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, migration to SAP S/4HANA or SuccessFactors is a critical juncture for an organization to optimize and manage the accuracy of all employee and payroll-related data. This outcome provides a great foundation for the one source of truth.

By having an accurate, unified view of employee and payroll data right from day one, you’re guaranteed to reap the maximum benefits from a digitalized, in-memory platform. This is made more potent with a Master Data Governance model that ensures continuous high-quality data. Essentially, you transform your HR services to be more proactive, strategic, and add value to your workforce. This in turn will motivate and drive them to actively contribute towards the organization’s common goals.  

MDO (Master Data Online) for Workforce helps you get there!


Lean Deployment on Cloud

Scalable and easy to deploy with intuitive user interfaces, requiring minimal IT intervention.

Online and Mass Data Requests

Facilitation of mass data requests (e.g., erroneous data, staff promotion, bonus pay-outs) to expedite processes.

One-stop Master Data Governance Platform

Harmonized data from multiple sources on one platform with quality checks throughout the data lifecycle.

Compatibility with SAP

Pre-defined data models and accelerators, ready to integrate into SAP environment.

Robust Data Readiness Framework

Comprehensive data readiness activities (e.g., cleanse, harmonize, transform) to ensure successful SAP S/4HANA / SuccessFactors migration.

Benefits to Your Organization

Successful Completion of Data Migration

Automation of data quality and readiness activities reduces reliance on people, minimizes errors, and ensures smooth go-live with no major data issues.

Maximum Value from Migration Project

Having reliable data from the get-go means you get more value out of streamlined processes, intelligent automation, and real-time insights.

Data Compliance

Accurate employee and payroll data strengthens your company’s legislated requirements and increases your people’s positivity and confidence towards the organization.

Ability to Adapt to Changes

Our robust platform can accommodate future changes in technology or business processes, requiring no additional setup or cost.

Reporting Capabilities

Complete reporting dashboards for ease-of-use and determination of remediation processes with the capability to compare data from input to payroll output.

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