Want to drive 5-10% hard- dollar savings out of your MRO and Spare Parts inventory, while potentially increasing maintenance workers time-on-task by as much as 25% and equipment uptime by similar amounts? Look no further than MDO Supply Chain.

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MDO Supply Chain encapsulates Prospecta’s decades of experience as Supply Chain specialists and brings a mix of technology, standards and expertise to the table.

MDO Supply Chain is built for business owners of areas like MRO, Supply Chain and Maintenance. The solution is technology-oriented, but highly optimized for Spares, Maintenance and other Supply Chain verticals. 

Prospecta MDO Supply Chain provides a comprehensive set of business-focused solutions to solve complex business issues by harnessing the power of automated data-centric solutions, driving hard dollar savings, quantifiable process improvements and tangible resource savings enterprise-wide.

It is available out-of-the-box on SAP Store to enable faster deployment.


MDO Spares

Analyze automate, manage correct and govern spare parts data


MDO Assets

Manage, automate, govern equipment and asset data


MDO Suppliers

Effortless supplier on-boarding and governance

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