MRO Optimization with MDO Spares

Ensure that you have accurate, complete, and reliable information on what equipment you have, where it’s located, and what spare parts it needs. MDO Spares helps take cost out of our bottom-line by removing unneeded and obsolete spare parts from your inventory.

Reduce Maintenance Related Spares Cost by 10-15% with MDO Spares

MDO Spares can help you to:

• Reduce free-text spend by 10%

• Save 15% on maintenance-related spares

• Increase equipment reliability with functional equivalents

Optimize Maintenance Inventory and Procurement

MDO Spares provides accurate, actionable spend analytics and asset life cycle reports allowing users  to lower procurement and MRO inventory costs and ensure that they always have the right parts when they need them.


PO Free Text Handling

Analysis of free text patterns to determine qualification criteria and schema rules to create additional placeholders in the dataset (e.g., Manufacturer’s Part Number, OEM Part Number, and Manufacturer). 

Content Library (GSN and Connekthub)

Various pre-defined schemas, specifications, and standards across industries – ready to use.

One-stop Master Data Governance Platform

Integration of spares data on one platform. This ensures uniqueness of records, hence maintaining data integrity across multiple areas, including Procurement, Plant, and Maintenance


The MDO RFS-115 framework (based on ISO 8000-115 Master Data Exchange) allows suppliers to directly maintain details of their parts and quotes. Data accuracy is upheld with data ownership being shifted to the suppliers.

Out-of-the-box Integration with SAP

Seamlessly integrate with SAP environment through SAP cloud platform.

Able to support various protocols to send and receive data from other ERP systems. Minimal coding required.

Benefits of Managing Spares Data

Cost Optimization

  • Reduce working capital through classification of low-criticality spares to be freed up from inventory
  • Drive better contract negotiations through visibility of material attributes and the corresponding pricing and suppliers

Increased Productivity

  • Enable comprehensive supply chain planning that involves Maintenance, Procurement and Inventory through visibility in spare parts’ movement.
  • Increase equipment uptime, thus minimizing unplanned breakdowns

Foundation for Data Culture

  • Establish data ownership and governance through business roles, approvals, and validation rules
  • Instill data culture where people fully utilize data to execute daily tasks, collaborate and make decisions

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