With the proliferation of data and information in this digital age, organizations must have a strong data strategy to gain competitive advantages. Master data is the core building block to support operational and business-critical tasks like interacting with suppliers, customers, keeping track of assets, and innovating new business models. Hence, Master Data Management (MDM) needs to be part of the data strategy.

Master Data Management

Your MDM shouldn’t be limited to basic master
data creation and maintenance. It should ensure transparency and high quality of data, essentially upholding the single version of truth at all times. It’s crucial to get the data right from the beginning as it’s costly to do data cleansing mid-stream and even costlier to operate a business with bad data. 

Master Data Online (MDO) provides a one-stop master data management platform that addresses all these and more. It lays the foundation for a data culture in your organization where data becomes a valuable asset that helps you achieve your strategic goals.



Key Differentiators

Multi Domain

MDO MDM Multi Domain solutions are both generic and specific to enterprise systems and industries.

Cloud Based

The solutions are all cloud based and can scale based on the need and maturity of the organisation.

Lean Deployments

Deployments are lean where customers can deploy the solution themselves or our analysts can help them to deploy it.


MDO XcelConnect is a complete interactive mass processing tools with

MDM Platform Features

Role Based Accountability and Security – Field Level

Integration Framework, Certified Adapters, DB/File Adapters and Rest Services

Data Quality Framework that allows to define data rules

Mass Processing with Workflow and Governance

User Centric – Configurable Interfaces for Mass and Online

A Collaborative framework for External Partners

Workflow that can be sequential or parallel

Pre–Defined Business Rules, Various Data Domains with External Validators

Analytics for SLA, Audit Logs and KPI’s for managing Data

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