Business processes and requirements are constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s challenging economic climate. Organizations may not survive if they continue to stick with antiquated, outdated business processes. Therefore, the systems that build and automate these processes need to be agile and flexible to accommodate the ever-changing scenarios. They should be easy to deploy and maintain as companies can’t afford to have lengthy implementation time and overly complex system landscapes. 


This is where MDO Fuse comes in. It’s a data-driven platform that addresses
the complexity and uniqueness of discrete business-oriented processes. Gives you the freedom to customize and automate processes, eliminating the need to rely on expensive and rigid enterprise solutions.

Key Challenges of Deploying and Managing
Business Processes

  • Need to cater for highly specialized business processes
  • Off-the-shelf products aren’t able to satisfy these specific business
  • Budgetary constraints to purchase enterprise software/solutions
  • Not able to justify the cost of buying new solutions against ROI
  • Increased complexity of adding on new BPM app into existing
    multiple systems and cloud apps
  • Data acquisition from multiple systems is complex and time consuming
  • Resource-intensive,to the point of facing difficulties in troubleshooting failures frommultiple integration points

MDO Fuse — Data-driven Process Platform

MDO Fuse is a data-driven, enterprise-level application platform that addresses the complexity and uniqueness of discrete business-oriented processes. It enables and accelerates processes that require data entry, workflows, approvals, security, and roles. On top of that, it strengthens the reliability of the processes through data governance framework.

Key features include:

  • Fuse Accelerator Packages (FAP) that help you extend pre-configured templates to accelerate business outcomes
  • Built based on experience and industry practices
  • Consist of data models, layouts, pre-configured dashboards, and flows
  • Encompass key areas like Safety, Human Resources, Procurement, Customer Management & Quotations, and Dealer Collaboration
  •  No-code features to easily enhance and add more processes, flows, integration scenarios, and analytics
  •  Intelligent data capture mechanisms with a database to store and process data from source systems
  • Workflow automation built on rules and governance
  • Built-in analytics for reporting with pre-configured dashboards for FAP
  • Actionable widgets for automation and remediation using DIW (Data Intelligence Workbench)

Key Differentiators for mdo fuse

Fuse Accelerator Packages (FAP)

Accelerate the build and automation of business processes through pre-configured templates and data models.

No Code

Easy to deploy and maintain business processes without total dependence on IT.

Strong Data Capture & Acquisition

Data acquisition using different mediums with enablement of bulk data uploads.

In-built Analytics Capabilities

Pre-configured analytics and dashboards, customizable for easy viewing of information and insights.

Data Quality

Data governance ensures the trustworthiness of data to be used by people across the organization.

Benefits to Your Organization


Able to retire expensive process platforms and bespoke systems.

Streamlined Processes and Applications

Reduced footprint of multiple cloud apps for discrete business processes. including the complexity that comes with it.

Increased Efficiency

Easy deployment and maintenance on a single platform, eliminates the need to handle multiple systems and integration points thus simplifying the troubleshooting efforts.

Enhanced Workforce Productivity

Empower employees to focus on core skills and businesses instead of taking up extensive IT skills just to maintain stand-alone BPM applications.

Success Stories with Us

A large pipeline company uses DIW MRO to help catalogue their spares with defined standards and also using our Global Spares Network. With the inbuilt intelligence, it helped to extract valuable information from Free Text Purchase Orders to catalogue the material.

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