Today, organizations need to be able to quickly understand the quality of their existing data. They then need to develop strategies and plans to improve it using all means at their disposal, such as automated cleansing, reference libraries, AI or ML engines, and internal or external subject-matter-experts. Finally they need an easy-to-use interface to facilitate that improvement, measure and report on the improvements, and ultimately monitor the quality going forward to ensure these hard-won gains don’t degrade again immediately.


MDO DIW can prepare, cleanse, and migrate data as well as providing the assurance framework. Whether your organization is embarking on a transformation project, or just need to incorporate data governance into day-to-day processes, MDO DIW is able to cater to all these requirements. 

Key Differentiators for mdo diw

Machine learning and AI-enabled

MDO DIW's ML and AI capabilities allow for more predictive and intelligent rule-based approach to cleanse and enrich data.

Data Quality Enablement

Execute seamless data related activities to provide trustworthy data for future governance and quality.

Pre-defined integration and data models

Faster setup and launch on your landscape prevent delays in project go-lives, which can have knock-on effects on your day-to-day operations.

Enablement of data-related activities within any project and subsequent daily operations

Data-related activities from preparation, business rules, cleansing to enrichment can be executed seamlessly with other project deliverables. Providing a trustworthy starting point of data for continuous governance and quality.

Preservation of legacy master data

Master data created from other systems are seamlessly cleansed and migrated without the need to recreate new sets of data.

Low code platform

Easy to deploy and maintain without total dependence on IT.

Benefits to Your Organization

Successful project go-lives

Automation and enablement of data-related activities ensure that key project milestones are met and risks are mitigated, leading to successful project completion.

Reap maximum benefits from project initiatives

Successful implementation of data strategy as part of digital transformation initiatives enables automation and transformation of how data is being used. This also includes data governance and assurance.

Foundation for data culture

Establish data ownership and governance through a one-stop master data management platform. Enable data culture where people trust their data to execute daily tasks, collaborate and formulate decisions.

Success Stories with Us

A large pipeline company uses DIW MRO to help catalogue their spares with defined standards and also using our Global Spares Network. With the inbuilt intelligence, it helped to extract valuable information from Free Text Purchase Orders to catalogue the material.

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