MDO Business Apps

MDO Business Apps (MDO BA) is a robust and sophisticated cloud-based platform that allows businesses to digitise their processes
and develop customised applications as per their business needs. MDO Business Apps is an enterprise application platform
that has all the features to help scale and comply within the enterprise landscapes.


MDO Worksafe is our new approach to manage safety, health and environment (built on ISO45001 standards) at an enterprise level for Asset focussed and heavy manufacturing industries. 

The culture of Safety is very strong in these organisations and it is important that maintenance and safety go hand in hand. The solution comes with strong analytics and mobility to help create a strong Safety Culture in your organisation.

Supply Connect


The MDO SupplyConnect enterprise application allows you to collaborate and be connected with your partners all the time. The flow of information is now key to the successful outcome of your transformation programs. In the recent years, we have made various attempts to connect with our suppliers, from EDI to procure to pay solutions, we have seen a number of players in the market. 

The other challenge has been the role of procurement systems and the ERP systems in a system landscape. MDO SupplyConnect helps you optimize your supply chain and connect with your suppliers and strengthen the procurement and financial processes in your ERP environment. 

The application is complemented by our Master Data Management solution for Vendor On boarding and Governance, which provides one place for Vendors to manage their own data and also a platform , to perform various business processes.



MDO CPQ Enterprise Application automates sales cycles and processes while ensuring error-free quotes and faster approvals.