Mastering your assets with MDO Assets

Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) refers to the strategic management and analysis of industrial assets using digital technologies to drive safe operations, maximize asset utilization, and reduce costs. The importance of safety can’t be stressed enough as these assets consist of heavy machinery and complex installation while the surrounding environment can be temperature-sensitive or volatile.

Increase Maintenance Productivity by up to 25% with MDO Assets


MDO Assets can increase maintenance productivity with:

• Increase in asset up-time by 10% 

• Improve wrench-time by 25% 

• Increase first-call resolution by 25%

Prospecta MDO Supply Chain provides a comprehensive set of business-focused solutions to solve complex business issues by harnessing the power of automated data-centric solutions, driving hard dollar savings, quantifiable process improvements and tangible gains.

MDO Key Differentiators

SAP S/4HANA (and ECC) pre-defined Rules & Data Models

No upfront work needed in defining asset data models and rules going into SAP S/4HANA – all are pre-built, along with integration.

Online and Mass
Data Requests

MDO Excel Connect facilitates mass data requests down to individual parts to save time.


Deletion of main equipment gets cascaded to the related sub-equipment, parts, and task lists — no data gets left behind.

Partnership with

Seamless collaboration with EPC contractors, incorporating CFIHOS to make project handover quicker, easier, and safer using standardized specifications. This ensures smooth operations post go-live.

Alignment with industry standards like ISO14224, ECCMA, and UNSPSC

Ensure industry-compliant processes.

Integration with
MDO Spares

Better management of spares and bill of materials (BOM).

Workforce Governance
in the field

Governance of all types of calls based on task lists. Unplanned maintenance goes through approvals to ensure the provision and availability of resources and parts.

Benefits of Managing Asset Information & Data Lifecycle 

Safe Operations

Complete knowledge of asset data leads to development of comprehensive maintenance plans. Planned and organized work prioritizes safety.

Cost and Resource Efficiency

Planned work makes use of equipment from inventory and close collaboration with suppliers. This minimizes occurrences of buying parts that aren’t negotiated in contracts and wasting resources.

Enhanced productivity

Asset monitoring with adhered scheduled maintenance leads to optimal asset utilization that ensures smooth running of the plant and reduced unplanned breakdowns.

Foundation for Asset Information Lifecycle Management data-centric culture

Establish data ownership and governance through standardized data requests, with approval and validation framework. Instill data culture where people trust their data to execute daily tasks, collaborate, and make decisions.

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