Improve and Manage Quality of your Master Data with – MDO Data Quality Work Bench

Prospecta’s MDO (Master Data Online) solution is a user-friendly platform designed to address a variety of data quality issues by raising checks and flags on an organization’s inconsistent data through the ‘Data Quality Workbench’.

* Users can define a set of core business rules (referred as Schemas) as per industry standards which will further be applied on their specific master data.

* A certain weightage is assigned to each business rule such as Duplicate Check, Missing Data, Dependency Check, Completeness of the record etc. based on their significance to the concerned business.

* Schema rules can be run periodically at a scheduled time or on an immediate basis, which will provide users with extensive dashboard reports on the data quality. With single click of a button, these elaborative reports will show exact counts of inconsistent or missing data entries under each business rule.

* Users can define action items required to initiate data cleansing and enrichment process with workflows straight from the Data Quality Workbench output to improve health of their data.

‘Data Quality Workbench’ simplifies the process of data quality check to a great extent by empowering all business users to define and execute all tasks with minimal platform training. MDO’s business rules framework is all about consistent and continuous Active and Passive data checks on the master data to provide a single, cleansed and reliable source of data to all business users.