Forward-thinking MDO

Our new logo represents order and structure, firmly standing while signalling authority.

MDO Master Data Online
Master Data Online

Since 2008 MDO has been operating as a service provider under the Prospecta master brand. This mix of services and products created ambiguity within our offerings and dilution of our purpose and ambitions.

Today there is no room for ambiguity and mixed messaging. ERP systems and data governance offerings are becoming more fluid and adaptive. The old is making way to the new and the new can’t stand still for long.

Our new MDO brand is all about progressive thinking, clean-cut and straightforward. It represents our purpose of making data management and governance a flawless experience, free of hurdles and risks.

We are no longer a sub-brand or a solution for a specific problem. We are a single, united entity that drives data quality and governance forward.

We’re creating data culture.

Master Data Management
Data Intelligence Workbench

MDO Platform

Our new brand identity is only the tip of the iceberg. We’re developing new data management and governance frameworks, products and tools and positioning each to suite specific needs whether as a standalone solution or part of an existing product. The new framework will allow both MDO and customers scale and integrate various solutions with minimal efforts and risks usually associated with large and complicated ERP systems.

Context-driven UI

Over the next few months, we will start rolling out our new MDO eco-system interfaces. This is not just a UI refresh but a complete overhaul of the entire system with key objectives:

  • Context-driven interfaces – we try to keep all your activities and JTBD (Jobs to be Done) in a single space without jumping pages and screens.
  • Scalable and adaptive
  • Accessibility UI to meet AA guidelines
  • Consistent patterns and paradigms
  • Speed!
  • Shorter on-boarding and training sessions
MDO DIW in action
Quick, easy and precise data quality and cleansing process
In-context material data management and collaboration tools.