Empowering Data Culture

SAP Insider Interviews Ranjan Bakshi CEO Prospecta MDO In Today’s volatile data world, Data integrity has become one of the most crucial tools for Enterprises as they embark on their journey to become agile and resilient organization. “New business models, products, and services are being launched daily by new entrants, forcing incumbent organizations to look […]

MDO Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance Systems Large facilities like refineries or power plants are only as productive as their weakest link. Plant maintenance systems help ensure the right equipment is in the right place, with the correct maintenance routines, supported by thousands of spare parts.  As much as 40% of all equipment, maintenance plans, and other critical data is […]

Achieving ROI on Indirect Materials in Mining

MRO for mining industries

Indirect materials make up a large portion of the working capital in mining companies. However unlike manufacturing, indirect materials in the mining industry heavily impacts on the people and therefore significant savings are achieved from both inventory optimisation and improved process efficiency once these materials are well managed.  Quality data with analytic reporting offers mining […]

Customer Success Team – The voice of customers

Just relying on customer’s call to pop up with a problem and a customer success representative to assist with a resolution? Well, that’s a mundane reactive way of expecting Customer’s long journey with a company. We , at Prospecta, realize and implement the essence of being proactive in dynamically changing world of high competition, so […]

Data Intelligence Workbench (DIW) by MDO Refresh

Things are changing at MDO, not just with the new brand identity but also a complete overhaul of the product through the MDO Refresh journey. MDO Refresh comprises of a revamped UI with an emphasis on user experience. The change is not just about look and feel but also in the perspective of how data […]

Standardize and Govern your MRO Spare Parts with MDO’s Unique Description Generator

Prospecta’s Master Data Online (MDO) solution has a unique feature – ‘Description Generator’, which ensures Data Quality and Standardization of Spare Parts. Today, most companies are still managing their MRO spare parts without any standard procedure and lacks data quality in the absence of a proper governance framework. To overcome this gap, MDO Description Generator […]

Manage Material Management Governance and MRO Spare Parts business challenges through MDO

They all, amongst many others, manage their Material Records/ MRO Spares & Inventory using MDO – Master Data Online. MDO’s description generator module helps business users around the world to generate a standard description for each of their material/product. It assists business users to overcome their challenges in Material management along with maintenance of the […]

Master Data Online – Data Quality Workbench

MDO’s Data Quality Work Bench allows business users to define ‘Schemas’ based on required set of business rules. Plan your business rules on any of the below categories: 1. De-duplication 2. Accuracy 3. Validness 4. Completeness 5. Timeliness Post executing the schema, the MDO tool will highlight the line items which are not matching with […]