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Reduce Procurement Costs

Through the reduction of free text spend due to improving the cataloging of spares (both the number of the spares catalogued and the quality of the data) Increased procurement visibility, thus allowing for supplier consolidation and better use of quantity discounts as well as through the use of existing stock (rather than procuring additional items)

1. Spend on free text item

Total expenditure based on free-text items relating to spares purchases in a 12 month period.

2. Free Text Spend Reduction

% of the free text spend that it would be expected can be saved through using a catalogued item

Reduce Inventory Costs

Through the reduction/elimination of duplicate materials you will reduce working capital and associated costs (ie no longer keeping multiple quantities of the same item) as well procurement and warehousing costs.

3. Total Stock value of Spare Parts

Total value of all stocked spare parts

4. Level of duplicates in existing Spare Parts

The level of duplicated spare parts materials currently

5. Future level of duplicates

The level of duplicates that can be expected in future

6. Working Capital reduction

The level of stock reduction that can be expected from the elimination of the duplicates (ie cannot eliminate all stock, as will need potentially to increase stock of the remaining material)

Increase Procurement and Maintenance Productivity

Through the use of MDO active governance (using rules to standarise data and default values as well as ExcelConnect to upload mass data) achieve a reduction in effort/costs of maintaining the master data as well as improvements in data quality with subsequent impacts on organisational productivity

7. No of spare parts materials

The number of of spare parts materials that you have in SAP

8. No of Spare parts Materials created in the last year

The number of new Spare parts Materials created in the last year

9. Rate of change per annum

The typical % of your material masters that get changed each year

10. Hourly rate of master data maintainer

Hourly rate of master data maintainer

11. Time to create (Hrs)

Time taken for creation of a new material (based on time to get data and to update in SAP)

12. Time to change (hrs)

Time taken for change of a material (based on time to get data and to update in SAP)

13. Reduction


Reduce Procurement Costs Total
Reduce Inventory Costs Total
Increase Procurement and Maintenance Productivity Total
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